Account Manager Priscilla

Meet Priscilla



Priscilla is an Account Manager at Relevance Yacht. She has lived in over 9 countries and speaks 5 languages fluently. She studied International Relations in Buenos Aires and then completely switched gears, discovering her passion for digital marketing while living in Miami. She has worked at innovative startups and prides herself in her ability to think outside the box and come up with creative solutions.

As a jack of all trades in her work experience and as an avid traveller, Priscilla has gained substantial understanding of cultural differences and enjoys finding ways to highlight them in her strategies. She has experience working in various sectors such as travel, non profit, fashion, film distribution, luxury membership and real estate. 

In her free time, Priscilla loves discovering new restaurants, cooking new recipes and travelling to new places with her family and friends. She enjoys yoga, padel and boxing.

Whatever the challenge, Priscilla will take it on with attention to detail while looking out for the client’s


  • Community Management

  • Community Building

  • Social Media

  • Social Media Strategy

  • SEO

  • Content Creation

  • Reputation Management

  • Google Ads Video Certified

  • Google Ads Search Certified