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Joséphine Besson is a Senior Account Manager at Relevance Yacht and has been working with Relevance since its conception. Her years of industry experience and in-depth expertise has meant that she has worked for many different industries and has been following SEO trends almost since SEO was born.

Joséphine specialises in making websites rank highly on Google, utilising keywords that will generate quality traffic. Strongly organized, reactive, and very flexible, she skillfully orchestrates marketing campaigns across all digital channels, communicating effectively with all parties to make sure work is always delivered on time and to the most exacting standards. Ensuring her clients are happy with the work we do at Relevance is her number one priority. Joséphine is fully bilingual in French and in English.  Call her at any time and she will always find an answer to your question.

In her free time, Joséphine is a keen skier. She also loves sport, gardening, and reading.

" Joséphine is the expert to get your products and services in front of your audience. "


SEO, SEM, Digital Advertising, Social Media, Content Strategy, Mailings, Analytics & Tracking, Google Certified,


Based in Monaco