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Joanna Lewis is Relevance Yacht’s Content Director, bringing more than 18 years of writing and editing expertise. Based in the U.K., Joanna oversees content creation for Relevance’s clients both in the U.K. and Monaco, working closely with account managers, digital SEO specialists, the PR team, and Relevance’s creative director. Her role encompasses managing the development of strategic content, including editorial articles, press releases, landing pages, large-scale website re-writes, and social media posts. She also helps companies establish their brand story and tone of voice, from start-ups to companies seeking an entire re-brand. Joanna is a consummate professional who always aims to deliver content that meets the most exacting standards, whether it’s illustrating a brand’s unique story or optimising content to boost search rankings.

Born in the U.K., much of her career has been spent in the Caribbean, where she worked on the newsroom floor of a national daily. Over the years, she worked her way up through the ranks, eventually becoming editor of a twice-weekly national newspaper where she led a team of editorial professionals. Joanna is also a highly skilled magazine editor. Over the years, she has written for, edited, and launched numerous luxury lifestyle print and digital magazine titles, spanning home décor, food and wine, beauty and wellness, and luxury travel.

In her free time, Joanna loves country walks with her two rescue dogs, delicious meals out, and spending time with her husband Matt and young daughter Ella.

" Joanna is a highly skilled writer and editor who crafts compelling and engaging content on time and on brief.


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