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llze du Toit is Relevance’s Senior SEO Content Specialist, specializing in on-page optimization and content creation. Ilze is an experienced travel and lifestyle writer in both digital and print publications. Much of her work has included digital marketing and the optimization of content to seamlessly blend the technical and creative aspects of businesses. After completing her Bachelors in Journalism and Media Studies, she found her tailor-made beat in the world of SEO copywriting.

Ilze enjoys liaising with the different parts of the Relevance team and is dedicated to striking a balance between copy that satisfies the needs of the reader while simultaneously formatting text so that brands benefit from increased web visibility. She’s a team player through and through and is hopeful that more SEO copywriters might emerge as the benefits of the specialized work they do becomes increasingly evident.

Born in South Africa and having lived in all parts of the country, Ilze is now setting down roots in the beautiful city of Bath where she lives with her husband and young son. She is an avid sports fan and enjoys running, but finds creative outlet in watercolor painting, journaling, and coming up with ever-exciting activities for her toddler.

" Ilze is a highly effective copywriter. She understands the importance of understanding your audience and speaking their language "


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Based in London