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Elisabetta Ricca is a Junior Digital Account Manager at Relevance, specialising in yachting clients, where her love for project planning and creative marketing thrives. Originally from Turin, Italy, and graduated from the International University of Monaco, she combines her father’s technical IT knowledge with her passion for marketing, making her a dynamic problem solver in the digital marketing sphere. Her work is driven by a philosophy of loving what you do, as her father taught her.

Elisabetta’s fascination with the yachting industry started during her studies. It was further validated by her victory in the yachting section of the Mak Challenge 2023 in Monaco, where she proposed an innovative project for the circular economy in yachting.

In her leisure time, Elisabetta enjoys travelling and discovering new places. Her local weekend activities often involve leisurely coastal walks in Monaco, having drinks in the sun at the beach, and practising beach volleyball and equestrian spots, activities with which she fell in love when she was a child.

" Making great things happen means getting creative, using tech magic, and enjoying the journey. "


Account Management, Community Building, Community Management, Content Creation, SEO On-Page Optimiziation, PPC, SEO, Social Media Strategy,


Based in Monaco