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Aprylle Stuart is a Senior Account Manager at Relevance. She has over 16 years of experience in marketing and e-commerce and 10 years in SEO. Aprylle worked 6 years at BBC News and 6 years at the Telegraph. After taking a break to raise her son, she’s now back in Relevance to share her skills and knowledge and strengthen the senior account management team. She founded her own company ArtMexico 8 years ago. She also used to make props for feature films.

Aprylle is based in Mexico, where she has lived for 11 years. She studied in the UK, is fluent in English and Spanish, and regularly enrols in online courses to develop her skillset further and stay abreast of the latest trends in the marketing world.

In her free time, Aprylle likes spending time with her son Rafael and going on adventures in the countryside with friends.

" Aprylle's professionalism is second to none; her attention to detail and dedication to delivering her best work to her clients make her a valuable asset to the team "


Account Management, SEO On-Page Optimiziation, Content Management,


Based in London

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