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Our branding and creative team are experts at changing the game in the world of yachting. Relevance Yacht branding services focus on sparking the right conversation, and our team excels at building brand identities.

At Relevance Yacht, we understand the yachting industry. Our clients deliver the highest level of luxury possible in yachting. The standards are high; the stakes higher. We work with brands to utilise their expertise and know-how to stand out in the yachting and luxury markets.

We offer a full-service branding package to suit your specific requirements. From complete corporate rebrands to cutting-edge promotional materials, from graphic design services, such as logo design, to the conception and execution of bold advertising campaigns. Our creative experts allow companies to focus on what’s important – growing their business.


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  • Building brands people love

  • Dedicated creative director and graphic designer on every project

  • Creative thinking - Practical Solutions

  • Explosive Campaigns

  • Brand Strategy Consulting

  • Full graphic design services

  • Growth Mindset

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Brands of the Future

In the world of yachts over 50m, clients take time to convert and introduce themselves. Building a brand new superyacht at Feadship, for example, takes 4 years. Converting the client might take even more than this from the first contact to the signature. Exceptional branding throughout the entire process will ensure that the client never doubts your qualities, will contact you for your expertise and continue the discussions in the following months or years.

With the rise of the younger generation, attracting them to yachting is crucial for the future of your business. relevance Yacht will make sure that your brand remains pristine and will attract a young audience guaranteeing your company prosperity for years to come, for your brand’s legacy.

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Luxury Brand Focus

Part of a larger group, Relevance Yachts gains experience from a wide range of luxury brands, from the fashion world to helicopters and supercars. We will drive the innovations in the branding of these companies to the world of yachting and aim at always proposing you with new ideas.  Fro; large corporate rebrandings to smaller-scale campaigns, there is little Relevance Yacht hasn’t done already.

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Brand Consulting

Our creative director and talented graphic design team will work closely with you to define your voice and to identify where your brand wants to go and how to achieve that through the right corporate image:

    • Brand Mission & Strategy & Personality
    • Logo Design and Graphic Chart
    • Voice, tag lines and contents
    • IMC (Integrated Marketing Communications):
      • Marketing Templates
      • Email Signatures
      • Print & Banner Ads


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