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Worth Avenue Yachts

The Brief

Worth Avenue Yachts, the luxury yacht brokers, is a widely admired yacht brokerage team that has a combined sales, charter and management experience spanning over a century. For a relatively young brokerage, they are a widely respected international yacht company: Worth Avenue Yachts is ranked 2nd among all international, U.S. operational, brokerage companies in number of global sales of yachts 100’.

Worth Avenue Yachts approached Relevance in 2014 to promote them on the internet using targeted online marketing. The aim was to promote the Worth Avenue Yachts website and social media pages to increase website visibility, website visitors and contacts coming from the website.


  • Grow Site Traffic

  • Increase Visibility

  • Generate Customer Leads

  • Website Management

  • Website Build

  • Feed Integration


  • SEO

  • Content Creation

  • Digital PR

  • Digital Advertising

  • Website Development

The Solution

Our work with this international yachting brokerage involves digital advertising, search engine optimisation, consultancy, content creation and placement, digital PR and backlinking and website development.  By combining our customer acquisition skills, through Google Ads and social media advertising, with an eye for customer experience and website design, the journey for potential Worth Avenue Yachts buyers is smooth, and enticing, getting the team hundreds of individual yacht sale inquiries in 2018.

The Implementation

Worth Avenue Yachts & Relevance - Seasense Yacht

3635 What our clients say

" From web development to SEO and strategies, it has been a pleasure working with the entire team at Relevance Yacht "

" It is amazing what Relevance Yacht has done for Worth Avenue over the last 2 years. The month before Relevance Yacht started on our campaign we received 3,373 (2,784 organic) website visitors and last month we received 17,027 (9,843 organic). From web development to SEO and strategies, it has been a pleasure working with the entire team at Relevance Yacht. "
Laura Yager - Marketing Director, Worth Avenue Yachts

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