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Yacht Website Design and Development for Verpeka Dolling

The Brief

Verpeka Dolling came to Relevance when they realised that their specialists had reached a pinnacle level in the yachting industry, by offering exclusive worldwide charters and showcasing some of the most luxurious superyachts. The site that they previously had was not good enough anymore; they needed something new, sophisticated and – above all – luxurious. They needed their yacht website design to reflect their new profound status in the yachting industry after years of dedicated effort. At Verpeka Dolling, everyone works quickly, with unmatched expertise and courage. This distinguishes them from all other brokers, thus, they needed a site to match their flair.


  • New Branding

  • Targeting UHNWIs

  • Lead Generation

  • Website Development


  • SEO

  • WordPress

  • UX Design

The Solution

The client’s brief was presented a significant challenge. We had to deliver a distinctive and modern yacht website design that would set them apart from the crowd, on a very limited time limit. The orders we received were to set the website live by the beginning of the Monaco Yacht Show, no exceptions. As expected, our extraordinary team completed the project on time with flawless execution! Our agency continuously sets higher goals for ourselves to reach and to generate the maximum return on investment for our clients as possible. We kept their brand colours the same but refreshed the overall colour scheme by adding bright accents and gently updating the logo. The client also desired their website to have a smooth and enjoyable user experience as a user-friendly website is vital for reaching then gaining new clients online.

Our design team at Relevance took into consideration our client’s brief and the latest ux website design trends, such as minimalistic shapes, animations, and micro-interactions. At the end of the brainstorm and several penetration tests, they came up with a website that was as unique and dazzling as the creators of the company. We created a blog for them that will be updated with the latest yachting news and to highlight their expertise in the industry. 

The homepage features several content blocks, carousels and an animated logo, where brand colours intermingle in an engaging and attractive manner. We incorporated large hero images across the top of all pages, integrated semi-flat card segments like on the yachts for sale page while ensuring there was still generous spacing between elements. All of the aforementioned features will help the website to have a contemporary yet classic look.

Beyond creating a unique yacht website design, we conducted intensive research to optimise the site for SEO. We began by analysing hundreds of yachting keywords and choosing the optimum ones for Verpeka Dolling. Our content team, together with Rob Dolling, produced incredible user-friendly and SEO-optimised content that you can now discover on the website. Our team also set up tracking, search console and contact forms to analyse website performance and lead generations, meaning we could prove our value to the client. 

In addition to the desktop version, we also launched a mobile edition. An increasing number of users use mobile devices more frequently compared to computers, or even prefer mobile devices, so mobile optimisation was crucial for us. On a phone screen, the website looks even more unique and captivating. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, the mobile website was created with the user in mind, every page on the website is a maximum of three clicks away. The way clients are researching on their phones is a different behaviour to how they research on a desktop, thus to keep the attention and prevent any frustration the layout of the pages was carefully organised. 

The Implementation

verpeka dolling website mock-up relevance yacht