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Ahoy Club Paid search marketing case study


Ahoy Club, a premier yacht brokerage renowned for its exceptional service and vast online selection of luxury yachts for charter, partnered with Relevance to enhance its digital marketing efforts. Established in 2018 by experienced yacht enthusiasts, Ahoy Club has quickly become one of the fastest-growing brokerages in the world, dedicated to providing unparalleled experiences in yacht chartering.

The results

Banner Ads, Social Media Strategy, Paid Digital Media

YOY Click-Through Rate (CTR)
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YOY Conversion Rate from Clicks to Leads
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Ahoy Club sought Relevance’s expertise to refine their PPC campaigns, aiming to attract higher quality leads. The brokerage faced challenges with unqualified leads and sought to decrease the cost per lead for the long-term financial sustainability of their campaigns.


Our digital marketing team at Relevance devised a multifaceted strategy to overhaul Ahoy Club’s PPC campaigns. This comprehensive approach included:

Campaign Restructuring: We reorganised the campaign structure to better target potential customers, enhance ad relevance, and allocate budgets more efficiently.
Keyword Refinement: Continuous refinement of keywords and the addition of negative keywords helped to reduce irrelevant traffic and improve lead quality.
Ad Copy Optimisation: We crafted compelling ad copy that resonated with the target audience, leading to higher engagement rates.
Landing Page Optimisation: Enhancements to landing pages improved user experience, leading to higher conversion rates.
Continuous Monitoring and Data Analysis: Our team closely monitored campaign performance, making data-driven adjustments to optimise results.