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Last-Minute Yacht Show Marketing Assistance

Yacht show season is one of the busiest times of year for any yacht company, with each event just moments from the next – and each requiring a whole new marketing plan. With the Cannes Yachting Festival already over, the Monaco Yacht Show (24-28th September) is just around the corner, swiftly followed by FLIBS (30th Oct-3rd Nov). But if you haven’t completely sorted your yacht show marketing, don’t despair, as Relevance is here to help and conveniently based in Monaco, London and in Fort Lauderdale! Below, discover our services that will get you properly prepped for the shows. 

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Relevance’s pre-yacht show marketing services


Looking to increase stand visits or give that extra boost to your meeting book? Relevance has over a decade in digital advertising and works as a Google, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn certified partner to ensure your brand is in front of all the right people. Our PPC specialists know exactly who to target and will deliver you fast, qualified leads, making the lives of your sales team that bit easier in this busy season.  

Yacht Show Marketing Cannes Monaco FLIBS

PR Outreach 

Sometimes, there is so much news in the run-up to the show that it feels impossible to get it all out there. That’s where our incredible PR team comes in, putting your company’s news on the radars of the most important yachting & lifestyle publications and media houses, and helping you craft compelling stories that they won’t be able to resist. Benefit from our extensive luxury PR expertise.

Yacht Show PR

Video & Imagery

Relevance’s video and image production department captures all your best yacht show moments – from product launches to social events, we’ll be there. This means your team can focus on delivering amazing speeches and building connections, while we collect footage that can be used in marketing collateral for years to come. We offer everything from pre-production to distribution. Here is a link to our showreel.

Your Representative on the Ground

Relevance has offices in the most important yachting hubs: Monaco, London and Fort Lauderdale. If you are not a local business use our team to manage your stand, negotiation, advertising, print, or contact with the yacht show; let us do it for you – we are on the ground and know the shows very well.

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Business Cards, Brochures & Merchandising

Yacht shows see business cards and brochures flying off the shelves, and, if you haven’t restocked since last year,  this might be something you realise with your first yachting event only days away. As well as being experts in digital yacht show marketing, Relevance has fast-moving printer contacts in show locations and can help restock your brand literature just in time. If you need merchandising, we can arrange, and you won’t have to ship, but we will need a little more time.

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Website Management

Our team of developers will make sure your website functions optimally for your customers, even during times of extremely high-traffic. Many prospects will have their first experience of your website during the yacht shows, and first impressions are crucial, especially amongst UHNW and yachting industry clients. Relevance will ensure that you impress from the offset, all the while using cutting-edge software to keep your assets safe and secure. Again we will need a little lead time.

Photography for yacht shows


There is never enough time to write up awesome yacht show content when you are busy all day at the show. Luckily, Relevance’s multilingual team can write it for you, boosting your SEO rankings for carefully-chosen show-related keywords and letting your customers know how they can find you and why they should. We have native yachting writers fluent in everything from English to Italian, Russian to French and are full of ideas for captivating content. 

To find out more about our pre-yacht show marketing services and take some of the stress out of boat show season, contact our amazing Relevance team today. 

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