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The best luxury yacht website transformations 

A company’s digital presence has never been more important, with almost all product and service searches starting online through search engines like Google. 

As the digital world has evolved along with consumer behaviours, yachting websites have transformed significantly. They are now more user-friendly than ever and are designed to serve visitors the information they want quickly, with an increasing reliance on stunning images, graphics, and videos.  Other services, like virtual tours, are further transforming website design. 

Today’s websites are designed with the user in mind, with each website carefully tailored to each company’s target customer journey, browsing habits, motivations, and values. The increasing way in which we browse for information and the switch from desktop to mobile devices has also played a vital role in the way websites are designed; they are now designed with a mobile-first approach. 

Early websites were designed around how they looked on a computer monitor, were often text-heavy and used only basic HTML. Coding languages, like Java and CSS, have transformed the way websites look. 

Relevance has worked with some of the world’s leading yachting brands, helping ensure their websites are fit for purpose and designed with the latest digital best practices in mind. 

Here, we look at some of the leading yacht website transformations and how they have evolved over the years. 

Top yacht website transformations 


Old Website Features:

  • Fraser’s old website featured a predominantly monochrome colour scheme with limited use of colour accents.
  • The navigation menu was horizontal with dropdowns, providing straightforward access to the site’s main areas.
  • The website used a large black-and-white image as a hero banner, offering a classic and elegant look to appeal to the luxury market.
  • Information was presented in a more text-heavy format with less emphasis on visual content.
  • There were basic functionalities such as news, events, and featured yachts, with more focus on information delivery.

Current Website Features:

Relevance worked with Fraser for over a decade and designed and built the brokerage’s current website. It remains the most visible yacht brokerage website ever built. 

  • The current website features a modern, responsive design with a richer colour palette and sophisticated visual elements that better reflect Fraser’s luxury branding.
  • The site now features improved navigation with more intuitive menus and a sticky header for ease of use as you scroll.
  • Large, high-resolution images showcase the luxury yachts and lifestyle, creating a visually impactful experience.
  • Expanded content, including detailed yacht listings, comprehensive services like yacht management and construction, and educational resources such as buying guides, further enhance the user experience. 
  • Features such as detailed search functionality, video content, social media integration, and newsletter sign-up to engage visitors.
  • Fully optimised for search engines and faster loading times for an improved user experience.
  • Multilingual options and a presentation of the global office network to cater to an international clientele.
  • Enhanced focus on client services, including yacht charter vacation planning, crew recruitment, and yacht management, indicating a more service-oriented approach.

Monaco Yacht Show

Old Website Features:

  • The website had a simple and utilitarian design, typical of early 2000s web design, with a limited colour palette and basic navigation elements.
  • The navigation menu was straightforward, with text-based links and no dropdowns or additional interactive features.
  • The focus was primarily on the event information, with sections for press releases, official partners, and FAQs.
  • Limited to none, with no apparent multimedia elements like videos or interactive maps.
  • The site provided basic information with an emphasis on practical details for visitors and exhibitors.

Current Website Features:

  • A visually rich and elegant design that reflects the luxury branding of the yacht show, with high-resolution images and a more sophisticated colour scheme.
  • A user-friendly navigation system that includes dropdown menus, a search function, and a sticky navigation bar for better accessibility.
  • Expanded content offerings include detailed exhibitor, superyacht, and tender lists, and information on different show areas and experiences.
  • The site now makes use of multimedia elements such as background videos, virtual tours, and interactive maps to engage visitors.
  • A responsive design that adjusts to different screen sizes and devices, with dynamic elements such as newsletter sign-ups, latest news, and social media integrations.
  • Detailed information for visitors to plan their visit, including ticket purchasing, organising stays, and FAQs, reflects a more visitor-centric approach.
  • The use of modern marketing tools like Mailchimp for newsletter subscriptions suggests a strong emphasis on marketing and customer relationship management.

Northrop & Johnson

Old Website Features:

  • The design was more simplistic and in line with the web standards of the early 2000s.
  • The navigation was straightforward, with fewer categories and a less dynamic interface.
  • The yacht search feature was quite basic, offering simple options for finding a yacht to purchase or charter, with sail and motor categories.
  • The imagery used was less prominent and of a smaller scale.
  • The content was more focused on the functionality of yacht search without much emphasis on the lifestyle or experiential aspects of yachting.
  • The website’s aesthetic had a more corporate and less lifestyle-oriented feel.

Current Website Features:

Northrop & Johnson is a Relevance client, with our team providing full digital services. Our work, which has included website transformations such as in-depth landing pages, has improved keyword rankings across the board, bringing in more qualified leads. Northrop & Johnson is now the number one position for ‘yacht brokerage’ in the US.

  • The design is modern, with a full-width layout and high-resolution imagery that spans the entire width of the screen.
  • Navigation is more granular, with a comprehensive menu that includes sales, charter, management, new construction, and crew services.
  • The current website features an advanced search with more detailed filters and options for prospective buyers and those looking to charter. As part of website transformation work with Northrop & Johnson, the team at Relevance built out specialist landing pages for sales and charter to attract people who know what they are looking for and to increase the conversion rate.
  • Prominent, engaging imagery is used throughout the site, showcasing the yachts and the lifestyle associated with them.
  • The fully optimised content now includes a wider array of topics, including in-depth destination guides, itineraries, and yacht management services, reflecting a more lifestyle-oriented approach.
  • There is a greater emphasis on the company’s heritage, the team, and personalised services, providing a more client-centric focus. A fully optimised team and offices section, developed by Relevance, has allowed Northrop & Johnson to be top of Google for yacht brokerage searches per speciality and per location.
  • The integration of social media, news, and events sections indicates an active engagement with the community and a push for updated content.
  • Additional features, such as crew services and detailed pages on yacht sales and charter experiences, point to a more comprehensive service offering.
  • The website is far more interactive, with features such as video content, virtual tours, and the ability to directly contact brokers or representatives.

TJB Super Yachts

Old Website Features:

  • The old website featured a horizontal navigation bar with drop-down menus for different sections (About, Sales, Charter, Destinations, Events, Contact).
  • The homepage included large images for each section, which act as visual cues for navigation.
  • The content was laid out in a grid, with each section clearly demarcated.
  • Social media icons and contact information are placed at the top right, indicating a prioritisation of engagement and communication.
  • The branding is prominent, with a large logo at the top left of the page, suggesting a brand-focused approach.
  • The homepage sections have ‘Learn More’ links, suggesting an interactive, exploratory user experience.

New Website Features:

Relevance was responsible for designing and building TJB Super Yacht’s website, including developing fresh SEO content to communicate the brand’s end-to-end offerings and expertise. The “WOW” factor is provided by a new interactive itinerary builder tool – the first of its kind in the industry.

  • TJB Super Yachts’ current website boasts a comprehensive navigation bar with more detailed subsections, allowing users to find specific services and information more efficiently.
  • The use of high-quality, dynamic images and modern web design standards provides a visually appealing and professional look.
  • An improved content layout now means that information is organised in a more streamlined and user-friendly manner, improving content discoverability.
  • The website now includes expanded content offerings, including a blog, press mentions, and an events section, providing a richer and more informative user experience.
  • There are now detailed sections on buying, selling, and chartering yachts, including guidance, concierge services, and an itinerary builder, reflecting a more client-centric approach.
  • An emphasis on the TJB Super Yachts’ global presence with strategic office locations around the world further enhances the brand’s international appeal.
  • The website now includes team members with personalised contact options, fostering trust and personal connection with clients.
  • The use of analytics and market intelligence to inform clients suggests a data-driven and transparent business model.
  • The introduction of TJB Private Travel expands the brand’s offerings beyond yachting to include luxury land accommodations.
  • Detailed cookie policy and privacy settings ensure compliance with data protection regulations and user privacy concerns.

Yacht World

Old Website Features:

  • The design was indicative of the early 2000s web trends, with a more basic layout and simpler graphics.
  • The site featured a blue and white colour scheme with red accents.
  • The navigation bar was straightforward, with text links and a clear division of sections like “Boats for Sale,” “Finance,” “Insurance,” and “Charters.”
  • There was a search bar prominently displayed, suggesting a focus on direct user interaction to find listings.
  • The homepage highlighted featured boats for sale and provided quick access to services like boat insurance and boat transport.
  • The footer contained additional links to legal information and contacts.

New Website Features:

  • The website features a modern, clean design with high-quality imagery and a more sophisticated user interface.
  • Improved navigation with dropdown menus and more advanced search functionality to filter yacht listings.
  • The current site is optimised for viewing on a variety of devices, including mobile and tablet.
  • Excellent use of videos, virtual tours, and high-resolution images to showcase the yachts listed on the site.
  • Detailed yacht listings with extensive information, including specifications, photos, and videos.
  • Resources for buyers and sellers, such as market reports, trends, and advice, reflect a more content-rich approach.
  • Links to social media profiles for enhanced user engagement and community building.
  • Multilingual options and content tailored to a global audience, with a focus on connecting buyers and sellers worldwide.
  • Marketing services for yacht sellers and brokers to increase visibility and sales opportunities.
  • Enhanced support options, including live chat, customer service contacts, and assistance with yacht sales and purchases.

How can Relevance help with website transformation and design for yacht companies? 

Relevance is a leading yacht marketing agency. For over a decade, we have been dedicated to growing the digital presence of the world’s leading yacht brands, supporting website transformation with best-in-class design. 

Our expert yacht website design team has worked with prestigious yacht brokerage and charter companies, as well as niche industry start-ups, to create stunning websites. We also connect websites with powerful CRM systems, such as Hubspot and YATCO. Our clients’ websites regularly reach in excess of a million views per month and are designed to engage audiences on an emotional level and adhere to the latest digital marketing best practices. Contact us today to learn more about our yacht website design services.

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