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The benefits of choosing a specialist SEO agency like Relevance Yacht

Regular marketing search engine optimisation agencies cover many sectors, from health to wealth and everything in between. Although they can cater to almost every business sector, it’s hard to imagine that they are truly adept at the intricate nuances of each sector. 

Conventional SEO firms have an extensive portfolio, but their approach to SEO tends to be rigid and uncompromising. While this sort of SEO approach might work for some businesses, it definitely won’t work for all of them, culminating in a hit-and-miss bias. 

A specialist SEO agency, however, has a laser-like focus on a specific marketing niche. This means that while they don’t cover every business sector needing SEO services, they understand a particular sector down to its core elements. For Relevance Yacht, this is yacht marketing. 

For over a decade, our team of specialists has learned the fundamental principles of digital marketing and the innermost workings of the yacht industry. Good marketing specialists are commonplace. But excellent marketing specialists who can distinguish between the bow and the beam of a yacht will be almost impossible to come by.

Here are 12 reasons why you should work with a specialist SEO agency like Relevance Yacht.

1  – We are unrivalled by any other agency for our knowledge of yacht marketing. When you work with Relevance Yacht you will benefit from our industry insights and extensive data accumulated from over a decade of working with the world’s leading yachting brands. We know what works, and what does not.  With Relevance Yacht, you join the knowledge and learn, rather than go it alone. 

2 – No other agency can hit the ground running in yachting SEO and paid advertising – this will save months or years of budget on research and trial and error. We have been doing SEO for the yacht industry since Google’s conception; before anyone else really knew what SEO was. This unparalleled knowledge means many of our past and present clients dominate the SERPs. 

3 – We have more than 15 years of know-how and data on conversion rate per channel, ad, and keyword for yacht brokers and high-value goods companies. No other agency can match our level of accumulated data in the yachting industry. 

4 – Thanks to our work with other yachting companies, we have interviewed 100s of yacht marketing specialists, chief executive officers, yacht brokers, and retail charter brokers so we can hit the ground running where no other agency could. 

5 – We know what works and what doesn’t. We also know what the competition is doing implicitly so we can advise on where to go, what is worth it, and where not to bother and stay clear. In a competitive space, you will have to make your own space, and the best way to do that is to know everybody else – we do.

6 – Thanks to our work in the yachting industry, we have a holistic view of the supply of yachts and charters – we work with marinas, yacht stabilisation providers, yacht insurers, shipyards, brokerages, management companies, and crew specialists. This helps us understand the entire yacht ecosystem, enabling us to create highly tailored and considered marketing campaigns and SEO strategies.

7 – We adapt to our clients’ needs, and we will never start off with a one strategy-fits-all. Each one of our marketing strategies is as unique as the company we serve. So, whether you are smaller or bigger than your competition, Relevance Yacht will provide you with a standing chance based on your needs. Our work with many clients across the yachting industry gives us insight on different points of attack that can be used bespoke to every client. 

8 – Our sister company, Relevance, works specifically with high-value goods and services companies that are targeting Ultra-High-Net-Worth Individuals. Our knowledge is not only gleaned from yachting, but also from super-prime real estate, private jets, ultra-luxurious rentals, and financial services. This knowledge can help with future brand partnerships, as well as strategic ideas for UHNW lead generation and SEO/SEM. 

9 – We have built an agency of yachting specialists in SEO, branding, advertising, content creation, PR, and CRM. We don’t hire generalists, rather we hire niche industry professionals who excel in their specialism. As a team, we work together, pooling resources to create truly impactful campaigns. 

10 – As a team, we are brimming with new ideas. We constantly test new SEO and paid strategies across all our clients at the agency. So we get positive or negative feedback very quickly. This means we can adapt quicker than an in-house team or agency with only one yachting client.

11 – We know the language, the key players, and the intricacies of the yacht industry, enabling us to tailor our digital marketing strategies to perfectly align with every yacht brand’s unique goals and challenges.

12 – Relevance Yacht attends every large yacht show and has attended 100s over the years. Quite simply, no other marketing agency knows the industry better than Relevance Yacht. 

Work with Relevance Yacht: The specialist SEO agency 

Relevance Yacht is a leading, full-service yacht marketing agency that works with global yachting brands and niche industry start-ups. Contact our team to learn more about our specialist SEO services and 360 creative and digital marketing services.

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