Our pick of the 10 best yacht water toys

The garage of yacht toys on a superyacht has always carried a certain cachet. 

Water toys are an integral part of any yacht charter, not least of all today when the superyacht and its amenities are considered to be as important – if not more important – than the destination itself.  

The selection of toys on board a superyacht can make or break a charter. And with new fun gadgets being launched every year, it is important for captains and yacht owners to keep up with the very latest adrenaline-inducing innovations. 

Here are some of the very best water toys for yachts on the market this year.

1 – ICON A5

H. Michael Miley, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Discover new heights with the Icon A5, a recreational aircraft that is easy to fly, lightweight, and boasts low operating costs. Arguably the ultimate yacht toy, the plane boasts a range of 420 nautical miles and can take off and land on water, making it an innovative way to embark or disembark a yacht. The Icon A5’s compact design and folding wings, make it easy to store and deploy on deck. The Icon A5 retails from $269,000.

2 – iAQUA SeaDart Max

The iAQUA SeaDart Max is an underwater scooter extraordinaire that combines speed, style, and independence. The lightweight scooter can take you up to 30-metres in depth and at speeds of up to 21 kph. It also comes with a set of very cool 1700 lumen LED sub-lights and shark-guard technology.

The iAQUA Sea Dart Max retails from $3,700

3 – Waydoo Flyer One Plus 

Extremely lightweight, 100 percent emission-free, and easy to use, fly across secluded bays on this ultimate water toy for yachts. The Waydoo Flyer One claims to be the world’s first cordless electric hydrofoil with the power to go up to speeds of 40 kph. 

The Waydo Flyer One Plus retails from $7,000


Create the ultimate beach club and extended deck space with the FunAir Beach Club Sea Pool. The Beach Club Sea Pool features ergonomic inflatable wave loungers, patented SeaStairs, and tightly woven netting underneath the pool, providing a safe and enclosed swimming space. Beach Club Sea Pool even provides space for tethering superyacht tenders and jet skis. It’s the ultimate yacht party space! 

The FunAir Beach Club Sea Pool retails from $6,000

5 – Manta5 SL3

Climb aboard Manta5’s new hydrofoiler SL3 range, an innovative water bike with easy launch tech that means new riders can become confident riders in a matter of minutes. This revolutionary bike from New Zealand is perfect for thrill-seekers to explore coastlines and incorporate into their training programmes on the water. Its many features include an easy mount chassis, a throttle only launch, and a pitch perfect tiller. The  Manta5 SL3 can be ridden on lakes, rivers, and the open sea, making it a great water toy for yachts

The Manta5 SL3 retails from $9,000


Without doubt one of the best yacht water toys of the moment is the all new Nemo Submersible, the lightest built submersible that can dive to depths of up to 100-metres for up to eight hours. This innovative sub takes up less space than two jet skis onboard a yacht, making it ideally suited to yachts of all sizes, and it can easily be stored on deck or in the yacht’s garage. The Nemo Submersible can comfortably accommodate up to two passengers, and its ease of use means that anyone can take control alongside a qualified NEMO pilot. The sub’s large viewport provides uninterrupted subaquatic views.  

The U-Boat Worx Nemo Submersible retails from $545,000


The Seabreacher X is an advanced and incredibly agile submersible that boasts an aggressively styled shark-style body (or customised body of the owner’s choosing, such as a whale or dolphin), with a fully vectored thrust system that mimics the tail articulation of marine animals. This agile submarine can jump 90-degrees out of the water and do full spins, all while providing 36-degree views as those onboard fly through the water at breathtaking speeds. Without question, it is one of the 10 best yacht toys and a must-have water toy for thrillseekers. 

The Seabreacher X retails from $93,000.

A man riding a jet ski in the water
Oren Rozen, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

8 – Red Shark Bike Board

Another gadget to make it onto our list of the 10 best yacht toys is the Red Shark trimaran bike, designed to give cyclists a pedal-powered workout on the water. The Sport model is for the serious athletes amongst you, with a time trial or triathlon inspired cockpit and clipless pedals.

The Red Shark Bike Board retails from $4,200


The Mirage Tandem Island by Hobie makes sailing simple. The kayak is powered by an expansive, easily tended mainsail and comes with Ama Outriggers for stability.  Manoeuvring is effortless courtesy of forward and reverse pedals, while patented Kick-Up fins automatically ‘kick up’ on contact with underwater obstacles. Boasting all the hallmarks that Hobie is renowned for, this kayak is the ideal yacht toy for exploring the shoreline. 

The Mirage Tandem Island retails from $8,800

A man riding on the back of a boat in a body of water
“Mike” Michael L. Baird, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons


This autopilot kayak provides an elevated kayaking experience, with a 12V Minn Kota propellor motor that eliminates the need for paddling and instead utilises foot steering. State-of-the-art technology helps keep the kayak steady in position, regardless of wind or currents, making it a great choice for fishing. 

The Old Town Sportsman Autopilot Kayak retails from $4,350

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