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Superyacht marketing and 2023 yacht industry trends

As the year ends, we can reflect on the industry’s success but, most importantly, begin to prepare for 2023. 

This year has seen the continuing success of key superyacht industry players, with global yacht shows back in full swing and charter bookings increasing. 

Following the latest superyacht marketing trends can help brands engage with their audience, reach new clients, establish authority, increase leads and boost visibility in a competitive landscape. As trends evolve and change, new opportunities are presented. To take full advantage of these changes, key players must alter their marketing approach and refine their strategies to reflect the upcoming 2023 yacht industry trends

The main changes we have seen across marketing this year have been through the advances in technology, but what other marketing changes will we see in 2023?

Here are some of the top tips and trends for superyacht marketing in 2023: 

2023 yacht industry trends 

1- Be even more social

Over the past few years, there have been many changes in how social media is used and how the platforms operate, with constantly changing algorithms. 

Next year sees the continuation of social media’s importance and embracing it within a brand’s marketing strategy. The latter end of 2022 has already seen the rise of genuinfluencers and nano-influencer marketing, whereby the influencers embody the brand’s voice, tone, and values. This also enables the brand to increase its authenticity. 

Another superyacht marketing trend within social media will be the increase in live-streaming, video-based, and behind-the-scenes content; clients want to see the genuine brand, and the ‘reality’ vs ‘Instagram’ mindset is becoming increasingly popular. This type of content is ideal for yachting brands to showcase products, lifestyles, and the unique ways in which yachting brands operate. Social media within yachting will also become more of a platform for having two-way conversations with clients.

Brands might not always need to spend money to make a real impact on their KPIs. In 2023, we can expect to see a significant rise in user-generated content in marketing, helping brands foster an enhanced emotional connection with their audience. User-generated content saves valuable time and resources and celebrates a brand’s most loyal customers while helping prospective buyers make informed purchasing decisions. 


2 – Capitalise on hyper-personalisation 

The onset of hyper-personalisation is due to the increasing digitalisation of the industry, whereby more and more is data-driven and AI-based. 

Real-time data helps brands identify aspects that resonate with clients and identify what will solve their problems. The improvements in AI technology with increased data collection and insights from social media have made it easier for personalisation, and it will begin to take over analytics and content creation, allowing brands to form a more solid connection. 

This hyper-personalised, tailored marketing experience speaks directly to the client’s needs focusing on their entire journey, making this an exciting 2023 yacht industry trend to embrace. 


3 – Prioritise inclusivity 

Diversity and inclusivity have become increasingly crucial for the superyacht industry within the last few years. While diversity is about the representation of a workforce in terms of characteristics such as age, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, etc., inclusivity is about how people feel, referring to behaviours and social norms. Improving diversity and inclusion of different ideas, cultures, and lifestyles will enhance the industry’s culture, which is a priority to help foster a more sustainable industry for the future. 

While the industry has made some strides towards diversity, equity and inclusion efforts, there is a long way to go, and this needs to be improved within 2023. 

Next year we hope to see this, ensuring brands prioritise inclusivity throughout their strategies. One element of this is the younger generation entering the industry choosing brands that show their diversity. Brands need to be aware of using pronouns and creating truly inclusive content. 


4 – Support global issues 

Sustainability within the yachting industry has begun to gain momentum, and the conversations around specific issues have become louder, and this is expected to become a key 2023 yacht industry trend.  

In 2023, brands need to follow an ESG model to improve their operations. Much of this demand is from the younger generation entering the industry wanting to create change and support global issues. 

Clients prioritise brands that practice social and environmental responsibility; therefore, brands must utilise their marketing strategies to highlight their efforts to make positive change. 


5 – Step into the metaverse 

This year has seen a lot of debate surrounding the metaverse and its capabilities; 2023 will be vital for defining where it will go. To get ahead of the competition in 2023, brands must capitalise on the new frontier of Web 3.0 and the metaverse. 

Today there is an increasing need for brands to implement hybrid and mixed-reality experiences into their global superyacht marketing through the metaverse. Virtual Reality (VR) enhances a brand’s method of promoting its products or services; designing immersive experiences is vital for 2023 as more innovation in this sphere is evolving. 

While not everyone agrees on the direction of the metaverse, what is evident is the need to build immersive experiences through varying technology. This experiential marketing is vital to leave clients returning and wanting more through brands giving seamless experiences. 


6 – Focus on the right audience

Brands must focus on the decision-makers and new clients of tomorrow in 2023, hence focussing on Gen Z. If brands continue to focus on just Millennials, they will get left behind, and they must re-focus their yacht marketing strategies to target the new audiences. 

The yachting industry is also growing within emerging markets, and marketing efforts should be expanded beyond the traditional hubs of the US and Europe. Marketing strategies that factor in different cultures, languages and online behaviours can create a challenge, but Relevance Yacht can help you create a cohesive approach to target the correct markets. 


7 – Be a storyteller 

Today the best brands have a powerful why and a story to tell, and we expect this to be elevated even further when looking ahead at the top 2023 yacht industry trends. Gone are the days of impersonal strategies that don’t connect with audiences. 

Marketers must integrate branding and storytelling to formulate emotional connections and humanise the brand. This is especially true within such a unique industry. Yachting brands must inspire audiences and connect with them on a deeper level.

Relevance Yacht is an award-winning, full-service luxury digital marketing agency that has helped the world’s leading luxury yacht brands over the years. Our 360 marketing services include branding, SEO, paid and social advertising, media buying, social media, influencer marketing, PR, content marketing, and CRM, carefully tailored with the latest 2023 yacht industry trends in mind. Contact Relevance Yacht to learn more.

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