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Relevance Yacht completes 3 website projects in last quarter of 2021

Relevance Yacht was delighted to welcome three new yachting clients in the last quarter of 2021, supporting them with website design and development, reaffirming our position as the pioneers in digital marketing services for the yachting industry. 

In September we launched Kitson Yachts’ new website; in November Engel & Völkers Yachting’s website; and in the same month we completed work on Quantum Marine Stabilizers’ website, significantly improving their branding and SEO.

Relevance Yacht’s team of experts have been working alongside these clients, helping to implement cutting-edge digital yacht marketing services, including extensive website design, development and optimisation. With incredible outcomes so far, Relevance Yacht is excited to see what the new year brings for our new yachting clients.

Digital marketing services for yachting 

Kitson Yachts 

New to the yachting scene, Kitson Yachts is an insightful and proactive brokerage delivering unbiased superyacht services within the yachting industry, including private yacht charters, luxury yacht sales, and expert superyacht management. Their connections, foresight, and ambition have helped them to deliver exceptional results. 

As a newcomer to the yachting industry, Relevance Yacht helped Kitson Yachts pioneer its brand identity, enabling them to enter a competitive US market with ease. 

Kitson Yachts required 360 branding support, a full-service website design and development coupled with SEO-optimised content. Thanks to our support,  Kitson Yachts is now positioned as one of the most dynamic superyacht brokerages in the yachting industry.

Building on the inspiring ambition of the company, Relevance Yacht created Kitson Yachts’ memorable and strong name, as well as their signature strapline “your yachting family office” conveying a personal approach and financial acumen.

Our team implemented stylish new branding for Kitson Yachts, including logo, emblem, signature fonts, colour palettes and tone of voice. Relevance Yacht ensured high levels of consistency throughout their website as well as reaffirming the brand’s guidelines.  

The website also featured exceptional design elements, to ensure a smooth experience for website users. Relevance Yacht implemented powerful images, an elegant colour scheme, coded animations, floating CTAs, and an intuitive way to navigate the website layout. 

Kitson Yachts’ website was fitted with high-standard functionalities, both monitoring and driving website traffic. The website contained informative and exciting SEO-rich content throughout as well as effective CRM integration. Using third-party integrations such as YATCO, Charter Index and YATCO BOSS, potential new clients are now able to find Kitson Yachts quickly and efficiently.

Engel & Völkers Yachting

With more than 40 years in the yachting industry, Engel & Völkers Yachting has provided their clients with a comprehensive range of services and facilities from consulting, sales and chartering to yacht construction and refit project management. With a fantastic team of experts, the company has established a world-renowned reputation in more than 30 countries worldwide.

The yacht brokerage approached Relevance Yacht with the extensive task of redesigning their website, finding their original website image-heavy with low site performance and poor optimisation. Their website needed to reflect sophistication and precision, be well-optimised, easy to navigate, and beautifully designed. 

After creating at least 15 multilingual templates, our yacht marketing team implemented multiple dynamic website design elements coded precisely to suit Engel & Völkers Yachting’s best practices. Some of the new elements included stylish fonts, a coordinating and smart colour scheme, bold banners and beautiful animations, as well as updated SEO-rich copywriting. Our luxury digital marketing team also helped to update blog content, collating destination itineraries and travel advice for what to do on a yacht charter. The website now offers an exceptional user experience, making it clear and easy to navigate.

We also ensured that all previous and new content was SEO optimised for multiple languages, with our multilingual team of content writers ensuring each translation reflected the personality of each culture while driving action to the website around the world. Traffic was also driven by third-party integrations, including search engine yacht websites such as YATCO, Charter Index, and YATCO BOSS.

Once image and video-heavy, the website’s backend performance was also significantly redesigned. Relevance Yacht optimised the website with Lazy Load and high-standard image optimiser plugins to improve the overall website performance. As a result, the website is now much more dynamic, and the optimisation has dramatically improved the functionalities of the Engel & Völkers Yachting marketing team. 

Quantum Marine Stabilizers 

A pioneer in the yachting industry since 1985, Quantum Marine Stabilizers has created the world’s most advanced marine stabilising technologies, helping to provide unprecedented comfort at anchor and underway for the luxury yacht, military, and commercial industries. 

Since its establishment, Quantum has excelled at design, quality, and operational reliability with its three world patents of stabilisers. Quantum’s commitment to innovative engineering continues to improve the performance and comfort of vessels, as well as impress experts throughout the yachting industry. 

Quantum came to Relevance Yacht seeking a range of yacht marketing solutions, with the aim of reaching and resonating with new audiences within the superyacht industry. The website needed to be well-optimised, with strikingly designed social media as well as targeted paid media ads in order to generate traction from potential new audiences. 

Due to the niche nature of the products and services available from this client, Relevance Yacht chose a two-channel funnel approach via Google search and display. Our yacht marketing team launched a Google Display campaign, helping to combine new and retargeted audiences to increase brand awareness and re-engage with website visitors. In addition, Relevance Yacht implemented informative, in-depth and interactive content, reinforcing the client’s product quality and technological superiority.

Quantum operates in an increasingly competitive sector, offering complex and technical products and services. Because of this, the campaign and website contained SEO solutions, introduced to strengthen and increase the client’s relevance and authority.

Through extensive audience profiling, Relevance Yacht helped build and provide access to 10 audiences including Fortune 500 CEOs, UHNW heirs and heiresses, superyacht owners and architects, and family offices with members such as Elon Musk, Richard Branson, Jack Dorsey and David Weiss. 

The technical specs of Quantum’s social media platforms have also significantly improved. Relevance Yacht introduced eye-catching yacht images, stylish grid layouts, and striking captions with newly designed logos for Instagram highlights.

If you are a business in the yachting industry seeking strategic digital marketing services, contact the Relevance Yacht team today. 

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