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Marketing strategies help raise profiles of yachts for charter

The charter yacht market is becoming increasingly competitive, with a growing number of large vessels now available for charter. 

In order to stand out in an increasingly crowded market, savvy yacht owners and brokers are now turning to companies like Relevance to support them with their digital marketing strategies and ensure they are noticed.

In order to support this growing demand, Relevance has introduced a new service for superyachts looking to promote themselves at the highest level, with a fully integrated solution, from website build to social media marketing, all managed by our in-house team of yachting experts. 

Why do yacht charters need a marketing strategy? 

Poorly executed marketing campaigns and digital marketing strategies can actually be damaging to a yacht for charter and not see it reach its full potential. 

Flying Fox is now the largest yacht for charter in the world, at 136m with an asking price of over two and a half million euros per week. It isn’t uncommon for a 60m vessel to command half a million euros a week for charter. Annually, with 6-8 weeks of charter per season, these vessels can generate over eight million euros. The equivalent of what a small boutique hotel would generate. However, most of these vessels for charter are introduced to clients with a simple PDF brochure, without video, creative content or powerful designs. 

Here at Relevance we have seen some yachts like Titania, Chasseur, Axioma and now Eminence with websites of their own. However, the sites often come with several limitations. The websites are usually built by teams without yachting experience, missing most of the subtleties of the industry. The features or design of these sites are not mobile-friendly, are often slow to load and feature unintuitive navigation or sitemap. The content rarely receives updates by the charter company of the owner’s team, providing an overall poor experience. A site that was once an excellent investment for the owner is transformed into a relatively useless piece of marketing, or even a damaging one if people find it easily on a search engine.

How can digital marketing help? 

Relevance understands that a suitable superyacht site needs to include the most important aspects of the yacht for sale as well as charter. Featuring all the required details like yacht specifications, a photo gallery, virtual tours, videos, menus, crew details, tenders, toys, the yacht’s location, online booking, and a broker contact form. 

These websites have to be updated regularly with relevant content to reflect the authentic life of the yacht and provide a sense of security and confidence to the prospects. The crew profiles and destinations should also be kept up to date to provide the charterers with the best experience possible while searching for a yacht.

Contact the team at Relevance today and find out how we can help grow your superyacht charter. 


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