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How technology is changing superyacht marketing strategies

With our world constantly changing, long-term marketing plans have lost value; brands must keep up with the evolving digital yacht marketing landscape and leverage new technologies. To cut through the amount of content within the industry, brands must find unique ways to reach target audiences; this is where technology is crucial for superyacht marketing strategies. 

The superyacht industry can no longer count on exclusivity and bespoke designs for marketing; they need to facilitate ways to reach clients through digital marketing strategies. The industry’s future lies with the influential Gen Z and Millennial clients; these digitally native generations have grown up surrounded by technology. 
The impact of technology on marketing strategies is not only about the technology itself but the need for market intelligence; without utilising the data correctly, the technology won’t deliver. Combining this new technology with brand storytelling is vital for a yacht marketing strategy to create value.

Enhanced personalisation & AI

Successful brands must be relevant to their target audience in a content-saturated technological era. Within superyacht marketing, personalising the client journey to better understand and connect with them is key to reaching UHNWIs. This element of personalisation has been overhauled thanks to the impact of technology. 

With technology, brands can use data to enhance client experiences, and with real-time data capture, brands can better understand client intentions in specific moments through monitoring interaction. Purchases made by UHNWIs are likely to be purposeful rather than spontaneous; therefore, personalisation should be executed to foster brand loyalty when creating a yacht marketing strategy. 

Personalisation goes beyond simply personalising communications, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is currently enabling more informed and accurate predictions of client behaviour through collecting data. One form of AI is Chatbots, which can be carefully and subtly utilised within the superyacht industry through sophisticated client support and a concierge-style experience whereby AI technology can learn clients’ habits through conversation.

Marketing automation 

The impact of technology has helped brands save time when it comes to marketing, which is crucial. Market automation software facilitates better processes with less repetitive work time. Therefore, increasing overall efficiency and seamless lead generation and management, allowing the brand to focus on the content and analytics of getting the correct message to clients. 

The virtual world & Web 3.0 

The blend of 3D, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality is no longer just for the science-fiction world; it is now an invaluable tool for yacht marketing strategies and campaigns. Brands can use these technologies to showcase products using more engaging and immersive methods, where clients can virtually experience a brand. These virtual experiential marketing experiences are gaining popularity amongst UHNWIs, allowing them to access the brand from wherever they are and with the flexibility of their schedules and differing time zones. 

Within superyacht marketing, this can be demonstrated through 3D and virtual tours of yachts and virtual events such as global boat shows. This virtual world enhances client interaction, building brand awareness. Brand offerings such as one-off experiences and exclusive previews can be integrated into these virtual strategies, with brand storytelling and values at the forefront of campaigns. 

The impact of technology associated with Web 3.0 is vital for yacht marketing strategies. One aspect of this is blockchain technology. Already widely used within the cryptocurrency and finance worlds, blockchain technology within digital marketing strategies is becoming more popular. This decentralised technology can enhance security between brands and clients, creating a more transparent and reliable marketing journey. 

Marketing trends within web 3.0 incorporate various aspects of the metaverse into marketing strategies, for example, through NFTs. There are multiple ways in which this impact of technology and launch of NFTs can work for yacht marketing strategies, for instance, through charitable partnerships of ocean clean-up projects, widening a brand’s network through collaborations with others or promoting specific moments within a brands journey. 

A mobile world

Based on the PwC report “HNWIs and Digital,” 85% of HNWIs use more than three digital devices and 98% access the internet/apps daily. Targeting clients through mobile app marketing is increasingly influential. In recent years, voice search has dominated, which is also reflected in the increase in the mobile environment, and brands should ensure they optimise marketing for this feature. 


No matter your clients’ device, their experience must be cohesive and streamlined. They must be able to easily switch between emails and website content on their laptops and hand-held devices. With today’s technology, a brand should present across various platforms and digital mediums to provide a competitive and effective experience. 

Such platforms include social media. These interactive technologies have impacted marketing strategies. Most recently, influencer marketing has been disrupted by both technology and AI. The future may see the rise in virtual influencers, with computer-generated personalities and influencer management systems whereby platforms pair brands to the best-suited influencers. 

The only thing for sure about the superyacht marketing landscape is that it is ever-evolving, especially with the dawn of newer technologies. With the increasing boom in millennials entering the superyacht industry, buying habits and preferences are changing, and they are early adopters of emerging technology. Therefore superyacht marketing trends must reflect the technology available to engage with future clients. 

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