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How Relevance Helps Nobiskrug To Find High-Net-Worth-Individuals

High-net-worth-individuals (HNWIs) and ultra-high-net-worth-individuals (UHNWIs) are often called the 1%. Relevance has built a strong track record in reaching these elite audiences and finding high-net-worth-individuals for our clients. One such client is Nobiskrug, a German superyacht builder that has built a reputation in the construction of innovative custom-made luxury superyachts at the forefront of yacht design.

How we find high-net-worth-individuals for Nobiskrug 

In defining a bespoke digital marketing campaign strategy for Nobiskrug, we spent a lot of time identifying the key traits of the brand’s ideal customer. We felt that this specific audience would:

  • Be very highly educated
  • Be time poor but experience rich 
  • Have travelled regularly either on private jets or on superyachts
  • Own one or more successful businesses or have inherited their wealth 
  • Be an active investor either via a financial advisor or directly in companies.
  • Enjoy the finer things, be it art, fine wine, design and beauty
  • Appreciate discretion

Working closely with our team of SEO and content strategists, we created a roadmap to increase Nobiskrug’s visibility in search results for both key branded terms and strategic keywords related to its products and services and its fleet, including highly visible superyachts Sailing Yacht A and Artefact. Our work on the SEO front was complemented with highly targeted paid advertising campaigns to ensure that the Nobiskrug brand was positioned to find and attract high-net-worth-individuals.

By successfully identifying the right audience, applying a bespoke digital marketing campaign strategy and ensuring a flexible and reactive approach, Relevance continues to work towards our objective of  building long term online awareness, loyalty and value for Nobiskrug and ensuring that the brand connects with its target audience across the digital space. 

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