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Advanced yacht technology is shaping the future of the yachting world

For the last few decades, the yachting industry has followed the trends of many sectors. Design, equipment, materials, navigation devices, furniture, engines, and toys all evolve with time; they become more efficient, effective, resistant, and sustainable.

The progress in yacht technology, conception, and performance is improving at a staggering rate, which has a tremendous influence on the maritime world. In recent years, yacht technology has seen progress in various domains.

Connectivity has seen one of the most striking improvements, offering a better online experience through VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminals), which is an important factor for owners and charters. Over the years, this maritime satellite equipment has improved significantly, enabling those onboard to remain connected wherever they cruise. Advances also mean this breakthrough yacht technology is now available at a more attractive price point.

The software used on board to keep track of crew schedules, maintenance, the yacht’s accounting, the gadgets that can control everything from shutters to the air conditioning system, and the various connectivity equipment and entertainment systems are only samples of what has been achieved by this new maritime technology.

Yacht technology in 2024: Design, engineering and entertainment

Lighting and visual yacht technology showcase 3D technology where users are immersed in life-like 3D experiences and locations, like a forest or underwater. The design sector outdoes itself year after year. Combined with advanced engineering, they have gone from retractable giant screens (outdoors or indoors) to swimming pools that can transform into a dance floor or helipad at the touch of a button. With luxury as the main inspiration, 2024 yachts promise to be more stunning than their predecessors.

Luxury motor catamaran THIS IS IT, built by Tecnomar, highlights some of the 2024 superyacht technology.

The 43.5-meter yacht, which enjoyed its global debut at the 2023 Monaco Yacht Show, uses the latest in marine engineering and technology. Her futuristic lines and aerodynamic hull are coupled with a luxurious, comfortable, and well-thought-out interior. She boasts a unique spacious owner’s cabin featuring a skylight and large private balcony, a pivoting TV screen in the salon, a sliding mirror partition between the galley and the dining room, and the helm makes you feel like you are in a Star Trek movie.

Performance and sustainability

Engineering and design are not the only areas where the superyacht industry is growing. Yacht technology is making enormous progress in performance and sustainability.

Stabilisers such as the one conceived by Quantum Marine Stabilizers are nothing short of a miracle. Working with the Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) concept, Quantum understood that by implementing this technology in their stabilisers, they would revolutionise the yachting world.

Some of the latest innovations in the yachting industry have been focused on reducing the noise generated by vessels so as to minimise the disturbance to marine animals as well as those onboard.

Others have been working on increasing the performance of luxury vessels while reducing their CO2 footprint. Hydrogen, solar, and electric-powered yachts are examples of some revolutionary eco-friendly yacht technologies adopted by leading shipyards and yacht companies. Water toy manufacturers are also embracing the latest green yacht technologies, as seen in the latest electric chase boats and submarine launches.

Numerous vessels, including Windelo, are now built to be more sustainable, from the material used for the hulls to the energy used for the navigation. These advanced eco-friendly yachts and water toys demonstrate that the vessels of the future can be luxurious and spacious while preserving the environment.

Notable events that showcase the latest yacht technology

METSTRADE – Amsterdam

For years, METSTRADE in Amsterdam was the largest trade exhibition of marine equipment, materials and systems. It was also the first event of its size to dedicate an entire pavilion to yacht technology, with global companies showcasing their innovations to attendees.

The Innovation Pavillion is no more and has now given way to an area that presents start-ups and another one reserved for foils. Foils have evolved quickly in the last seven years, from small boats to boards; this yacht technology has conquered the hearts of sea lovers, offering an exhilarating, silent, and sustainable experience.

The Superyacht Technology Show

For the last three years, the Superyacht Technology Show has been preferred by innovative companies to showcase their products and pitch them directly to shipyards, equipment manufacturers, and architects. The yacht technology show is a giant melting pot of ingenious and avant-garde technologies ready to be implemented in the yachting industry.

The future of the yachting industry is not about to stop its evolution towards yacht technologies that are innovative, competitive, and sustainable. With the growing number of vessels and new superyacht launches, it is Relevance Yacht’s hope that they continue to pay attention to the environment so that cruising the world’s oceans remains an enjoyable leisure activity.

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